Black Diamond Strings N8020XL extra light gauge brass wound guitar string set


Precision made Black Diamond’s unique alloys offer exceptional tone!

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Black Diamond has another tone option

for steel string guitarists with their unique alloy 80/20 brass wound guitar strings. This set is their extra light gauge. This gauge offers easy playing and full tone. With the unique Black Diamond blended alloy 80/20 brass windings you have a unique string that is just a bit different from nickel or phosphor bronze wound strings. Try a set today and discover why so many players love the unique sound of Black Diamond. You may never go back! 

Here are the specs:

1st E Steel .010

2nd B Steel .014

3rd G 80/20 Bronze Wound .023

4th D 80/20 Bronze Bronze Wound .030

5th A 80/20 Bronze Bronze Wound .039

6th E 80/20 Bronze Bronze Wound .047

Offered in various gauge sets, the brass wound N8020 line from Black Diamond is a great choice, and still made in the USA! Pick up a set today!

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