Gold Tone ABS banjo and dobro pickup system- versatile and high fidelity!


A complete instrument mic system with EQ and volume presets!

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This is quite possibly

The best banjo and dobro microphone ever devised!

The designers have created this microphone to have the same sensitivity range as an Shure SM-57 microphone, undoubtedly the most heavily trusted stage microphone.

However the Gold Tone ABS is a complete system designed for a single instrument- It is not just a microphone.

in this system are the mic, ABS-2 pre-amp and the floor box and switch.
The floor box has full EQ control- bass, mid, and treble, plus volume control and on/off footswitch.

when player takes a lead with it on the floor or on a belt clip, simply click the switch and it is active, with whatever volume and EQ settings you have pre-set. This eliminates microphone competition, rushing forward and back onstage, plus it allows you to tailor the best settings for your instrument during the sound check.

It is fully adaptable to in-house PA systems and wireless systems. Simply plug into the house system, Either before or after the pre-amp, depending on system requirements. It’s that easy. Simple and common 1/4 inch guitar cords link the mic to the pre-amp and another to patch th pre-amp to the amplifier.

The dynamic mic has a cardioid pattern, and can be used with any wireless system. In most cases you simply plug the wireless transmitter unit (usually worn on a belt) into the microphone and the instrument is live directly onto the wireless system.
The mic does not require phantom power and has no exposed wiring. It is subtle on stage and works well with recording as well.
The key to its adaptability is in the unique shock mounting system that attaches to any banjo with virtually any hook spacing. The mount has two rubberized scratchless mounting hooks on an adjustable slide. Open it up, slide it firmly against the hooks and tighten the mount. It’s as simple as that! IT can be fitted to mini, mando, uke banjos, banjo guitars, openback banjos, and it easily fits a dobro with a straightline tailpiece. Virtually anywhere you can find a free edge of hardware- it can be clamped onto it. The flexible microphone mini-boom can be placed anywhere you prefer the sound to be picked up directly from the instrument’s acoustics.
This is a complete system with preamp, mic, and carry case. You will need to provide the guitar/patch cords, One from the mic to the preamp, another, usually a much longer cable from the preamp to the amplifier, or into the house system. ABS comes in a hard plastic carrying case with fitted foam inserts for the mic and pedal. There is an option available to eliminate dependence upon the battery. It is an AC adapter that converts the system to plug-in wall power. It is not provided in this pack.

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